FMNP Staff

Dr. Martin Main, Program Leader
Dr. Main is a Professor and ecologist in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida. Dr. Main began developing the Florida Master Naturalist Program (FMNP) in 1999 following a 1998 south Florida eco-heritage workshop. He realized the great need for a professional development education program on Florida's natural history. "I believe that most people are genuinely interested and concerned about nature, and that as they learn more, their level of interest and concern increases. I was surprised, however, at the tremendous response to the FMNP, which I think is a very good indication that Floridians will work hard to ensure healthy environments, clean water, and diverse wildlife are available for future generations to enjoy." Dr. Main has since contributed to the development of Master Naturalist programs in many other states and has won dozens of awards, including the 2005 National Wetlands education and outreach award for his exemplary work on the FMNP.

Shelly Johnson, Program Coordinator
Shelly facilitates the approval of FMNP Instructors and coordinates and conducts their orientation. She represents the FMNP at conferences, meetings, outings, and in the media. She creates the FMNP bi-monthly newsletter. All program inquiries and correspondence sent through the listserv are her responsibility. She also facilitates the updating of course manuals, other course materials, and the FMNP website. It is her responsibility to establish and maintain partnerships that enhance the mission of the FMNP.

Shelby Sowder, FMNP Conference Coordinator with the IFAS Office of Conferences and Institutes
Shelby and the OCI office have worked with the FMNP since the first class launched in 2001. Shelby ensures that all finances, class logistics, registrations, and course materials are all in order. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for the FMNP make her invaluable.

Haley Hanson, FMNP Program Assistant
Haley is responsible for managing the FMNP social media. If have interesting photos, links, or stories to share with the FMNP on facebook, you can send them to Haley to post. She is an invaluable asset to sharing all the great things happening in the FMNP.